Chris' Approach

The principles below have guided Chris' work in his professional and governmental positions. For the last three years in the State House and before on the Grand Rapids Township Board, Chris has put these principles into action to the benefit of the citizens of the State of Michigan. With your support, they will continue to guide him in Lansing to make sound, well-reasoned decisions for all the residents of the 29th District.

Chris believes in the overarching principle of "free markets and free people" and respect for the rule of law and property rights. In so many ways, these ideas set the United States apart from much of the world. 

  • Always remember that it's the taxpayer's money.  Spend it wisely.
  • Encourage commerce and policies that result in job growth; reduce regulatory burdens
  • Provide efficient, effective, accountable government services. 
  • Evaluate programs periodically to ensure that they are continuing to meet their objectives. 
  • Protect the right to life of all individuals.
  • Promote strong families to ensure opportunities for Michigan's children. 
  • Be innovative in our approach to providing quality education for all.